My Ball Jars……

So, I have my new jars, now what?

Do I can in them?

Do I keep them in the case?

Is there a difference in colored jars and clear jars?

What about old jars?

There are so many questions.  Let’s not get overwhelmed. We can take all this one question at a time.

First of all you can do any or all, canning, keeping, collect them, store in, drink out of, or just look at them.

Colored jars are just as safe as clear jars. Personally I try to find a purpose for most of my jars.
As for old jars, if they are 100 years old, You might not want to can in them, but they’d be pretty to look at. Grandma’s jars might be better used for dry storage.
Otherwise, you should use your better judgment, no chips, no cracks, no bubbles, etc.  And always, always follow your safe canning and preserving rules.
Happy canning!