Tour Through Blog Land

Thank You Miranda for thinking that I am qualified to be a part of the Tour Through Blog Land,

so in case you haven’t noticed, I am truly a beginner blogger!

 Miranda of GraceandGravy with a side of life has a wonderful blog about her “Homemade life of homeschooling, good eats, (Mis) Adventures, and living a Grace-Filled life”! So please go check out her blog blog-tour-4a


I am working on some gifts for Christmas, but I am reluctant to speak on some of them, (psssst. my family will read this).        But I can talk about my garden, We have planted the fall veggies, lettuce, beets, cabbage, peas, collards, turnips, and kale. Also we have onions that will be ready in the spring.

Question 2: How does my work differ from those of my genre?

The biggest thing that makes me different, is that I use all things until there is no other use for them.                                          I up-cycle, recycle, and tricycle……… I’ll use a curtain to make an apron, or I’ll make a chicken coop out of pallets and siding. nfts apron

Question 3: Why do I write/create or do what I do?

I love doing things the way they were taught to me. I believe in passing the torch on to our young, or in my Grandmothers words “Planting the seeds of knowledge”. Without you teaching them, We will have NO future farmers, canners, gardeners, or lovers of the natural. So please pass what you know to those that will learn!girls planting 020

Questions 4: How does your writing/creative process work?

My husband says; my mind doesn’t never stops, I am always thinking of new ideas, new things to plant, new things to make, new recipes, new things to can, and trying to do all the new projects using nothing that is “New”.


My nomination, to be featured next Monday on the next Blog Land Tour is Brittany at

she also has a wonderful Facebook page

Thank you so much for allowing me to share a little “seed planting” with you!

Leanne~  NotFromTheStore


Teaching this old dog new tricks.

First I want to thank you all for having some patients with me while I figure out this “Blogging” thing.

 It seems like i have to find something to blog about, then make it interesting. Ha…. That is like a lot to ask from an old Granny who’s memory get shorter like the day of fall!

 If you look up “Blog” or Blogging” in the dictionary (yes, It is in there… Surprised me) It is confusing there too! It’s a noun, no it’s a verb, could be a working verb or a nonworking verb! Even the writers of the dictionary are confused! So What I’ve decided to do is, Write to you about my experiences, a few recipes some tips. And of course my Grandbabies!

Stay on what I know, and Keep it understandable. What I know is, Gardening, Canning and home preserving, and keeping things as natural as I can!

I will try to answer any and all questions that I can or lead you in a direction that will.

Y’all take care and have a wonderful day!